Something extraordinary is about to happen.

No longer will data centers need to consume massive amounts of energy to store digital information. Now, there is a responsible and sustainable solution, called LyteLoop, which is a powerful yet agile storage architecture that redefines how energy is used to store data.

Since late 2015, we have been perfecting our proprietary, patent pending photonic method of data storage which puts data in a constant state of perpetual motion. Achieved through the use of ultra-high bandwidth lasers, data now moves in an endless circulating loop, taking up less space and using less electricity.

LyteLoop’s revolutionary “storage in motion” technique will transform how data is stored while providing a myriad of unique and customizable advantages based on the desired LyteLoop application deployed. LyteLoop now makes it possible to harness the power of data while consuming less energy. This exceptional technology not only increases data storage performance and utilization, but also reduces the total cost of ownership. Our advance offers a clear competitive edge for those coping with the limitations of wasteful data storage systems.

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